Saturday, 28 October 2017

Why it is good to Earn No-Follow Links

The major publishers like Forbes and The Huffington Post are now placing rel=”nofollow” tags on their external links. One may think that these big publishers are actually making things hard for themselves. But the matter of fact is that they are actually easing things down by avoiding the complications which are specifically associated with the do-follow tags. With that said, it is worth mentioning here that no-follow tags are become more important in SEO than ever before.

Now, if you look at the case studies or try it yourself, you will be able to find out that no-follow tags have become pretty beneficial for SEO in long term. Now, there can be a debate regarding if no-follow tags have any direct impact on the rankings. But the matter of fact is that it really doesn’t matter. Since most of the high-profile platforms now have no-follow links, there is no chance for you to build links in any way but to abide this no-follow rule. Hence, you will get brand exposure, referral traffic and other off-site signals with this no-follow link building. So, yes! It definitely helps in SEO.

How no-follow links are treated by Google
The no-follow links are typically accompanied by brand mentions. Now the brand mentions are considered implied links by Google. It means that brand mentions hold almost similar power to that of the links which direct a user to the other website or page. With that said, the no-follow links definitely hold some power which can convince search engines in some way to rank a website. And then there is the brand mention which adds much in this overall link authority.

Now there is another fact which proves that no-follow links have become more beneficial for SEO than ever before. We all know how good it is to get a link added into a press release and then that press release getting distributed. The press releases have also started using no-follow with the links. However, the effectiveness of link building through SEO is still there. It surely means that no-follow links can impact the ranking in direct manner unlike the past.

How can the value of no-follow link be maximized?
With an emphasis placed on the no-follow tags, the value of anchor text is not something you shouldn’t really care about. Hence, you should not be thinking about the keywords on high priority.

With that said, you are now kind of ‘free’ to address people rather than search engines. As a matter of fact, search engines have become smarter enough to allow genuine marketers to apply organic tactics to convince people rather than search engines. So, you can now work on targeting your influencers’ audience in the better way. You can work on the areas of interest and then target those audiences using those ‘interest’ buttons.

Furthermore, you can use social media opportunities to get your word out. Although there are no specific ranking signals developed for social media, the fact that no-follow now has the capability to take all states the search engine’s intelligent behavior in a better way.

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